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The Interprofession Emmentaler Switzerland Tradition

Only a small percentage of Swiss Emmental is produced in the valley of the Emme.

Von Mühlenen, along with the dairies from the valley of the Emme, founded the «Emmentaler Switzerland Tradition organisation» in 2009, with the aim of maintaining the traditional production of the original Emmental within the valley of the Emme.

Together they set up rules and specifications which guarantee the traditional production in small village dairies within the valley of the Emme. The most important rules are:

  • The cheese and milk production takes place within the valley of the Emme.
  • The longest distance from the farmer to the dairy is 10 km.
  • The production takes place only once a day.
  • The minimum average quality score over 1 year must be 19.1 points. (every month the taste, texture, holes and the appearance of the cheese is graded by a third party, with a maximum score being 20.0 points)

This area is known for its rich green grazing pastures; the inhabitants of this valley are in tune with nature and respect the tight rules and specifications of production that gives the distinctive character of the Emmentaler Tradition.

The Emmentaler Switzerland Tradition is produced with raw cows' milk and natural ingredients as other AOP Swiss cheeses. This cheese is free from any additives and due to the long maturation is also lactose free.

The Dairies in the valley of the Emme

Markus Leuenberger at Arni, Urs Frankhauser  at Langnau-Ilfis, Hanspeter Müller at Leimiswil, Anton Wyss at Mutten-Signau, Christian Wüthrich at Rüderswil, Robert Theiler at Schärlig, Karl Blum at Schüpbach, Martin Sempach at Schwanden i.E. and Alfred Schenk at Signau-Höhe.


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