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Tradition 1861

Von Mühlenen has a long, established history of fine cheesemaking in Switzerland.

At the beginning of the 19th century, Swiss farmers began moving production down into the valleys, after centuries of summertime cheesemaking at higher altitudes in quaint alpine settings. The centralized, larger production sparked a need for bigger cellars and many new important cheese maturing facilities saw the day.

Von Mühlenen has, since 1861, remained a family operation and in 2006 was took over by Cremo SA. The company with modern facilities is centrally located near Fribourg in Düdingen, a region famous for its Le Gruyère Fribourg, Emmentaler Switzerland and Raclette Fribourg. Cheesemaking specialists of Cremo SA continue to look after all day-to-day operations and business.

Cheeses by Von Mühlenen are produced preferably with pure raw milk, using traditional ripening methods dating back some 150 years. Primary production is done by a group of more than 15 dairies, in selected locations throughout Switzerland, producing traditional Emmentaler Switzerland, Le Gruyère Switzerland AOP Fribourg and many other renowned Cremo’s house specialities.

We have brought together tradition, talent and expertise. Quality products and strong customer service continue to be our greatest assets, with tight controls and inspections that allow us to offer the greatest assurance to you that all our products satisfy the most stringent health and quality standards.

Von Mühlenen: Award-winning cheese and guaranteed service.

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